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All M1 Garands sold by me are CERTIFIED to be completely rebuilt, in excellent working condition.

All M1's are stripped down to its components, bolts & trigger groups broken down, sights removed. All metal is then reparked and gas cylinder reblued. All parts have been gauged & passed, including index, head-space, timing, throat erosion, muzzle, barrel straightness, firing pin protrusion, gas cylinder & op rod piston wear.

All models have used USGI parts in excellent condition, new DuPage walnut stocks & handguards, and new barrels, unless otherwise stated. All models come with a 20 round Beretta magazine & a 3 year warranty.

5, 10, and 15 round magazines are available for all BM-59 models in place of the 20-round ones, depending on your local laws.
Mountain Models have new walnut stocks & handguards. Desert, BM59E, and Paratrooper models have original PB used wood of various types. Desert & BM59E models have rubber buttplates. BM59E model stocks w/rubber buttplates & handguards can be purchased for $100, + $15 shipping.
New stocks a & handguards are available for the BM59E, and Desert Models for an additional $135.


1. The original BM59E model was made by Breda in Italy, modifying USGI M1 Garands to 7.62 x 51 Nato specs by cutting down the barrel chamber , op rod & spring, stock, & rear handguard one half inch. These parts are not interchangeable with later models.

2. BM62’s & BM 69’s were made in semi-auto for the American commercial market in 1962 & 1969, respectively. They now sell for $3500 +.

3. The Alpine Model was made in select fire mode for the military.

4. The Parachutisti Model was also made in select fire , with a folding stock for the Airborne.

5. The Nigerian Model had a stock with an extended pistol grip.

6. There were many variations of these Models
Beretta converted M1’s, made BM59’s , or licensed production to Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Argentina, Somalia, & many other countries.

7. Since real Beretta receivers & barrels cannot be imported, I have had USGI receivers converted ( named CUSGIR), and have bought duplicate commercially-made barrels to
Refurbish M1’s into BM59’s.
I have: Apennine Model (similar to the Alpine Model)
Parachute Model (similar to the Parachutisti Model)


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